Soovien Hungered in the City of Spiders. StarShipSofa. April 2020 (Short Story/ Audio)

More Than Starlight, More than Rain. Rainbow Bouquet. February 2019 (Short Story)

Pumpkin and GlassDiabolical Plots. October 2018 (Short Story)

Tide ChildOn Spec. July 2018 (Short Story)

Child of FlowersReading 5×5 Anthology ed. B., Morris Allen. March 2018 (Short Story)

The Snow Queen’s DaughterBest of Metaphorosis 2017. February 2018 (Print)

The Snow Queen’s DaughterNon-Binary Review: Hans Christian Andersen.  September 2017 (Reprint)

I Would Fly with Dragons. Invisible 3 ed. Jim Hines & Mary Anne MohanrajJune 2017 (Essay)

Spindle TalkThe Future Fire. June 2017 (Flash Fiction)

The Snow Queen’s DaughterMetaphorosis. January 2017 (Short Story)

Reintegration, on the Process OfThe Airgonaut. July 2016 (Flash Fiction)

The Absence of Being AloneMothership Zeta. July 2016 (Essay)

In Charybdis BideKaleidotrope. July 2016 (Short Story)

He Who Makes the Slippers.  Mirror Dance. March 2016 (Short Story)

Minotaur: An Analysis of the Species. The Journal of Unlikely Academia. October 2015 (Short Story)

Responder 22. Footnote to The Journal of Unlikely Academia

Seven Years a Fairy Tale and Oleander and Oxblood. Art and Words Show. Juried Exhibition. Fort Worth, TX.  September 2015 (Art inspired by Sean’s written works)

Rustwisdom. The Future Fire August 2015 (Microfiction)

The Blue Tigress Dreams. The Colored Lens. June 2015 (Short Story)

Scander and the Red Briar Prince. Rose Red Review. June 2015 (Short Story)

Beatification of the Second Fall. Apex Magazine. April 2015 (Short Story) (Podcast)

Rustsong. The Future Fire. March 2015 (Short Story)

Madder Root and Rampion. Betwixt. October 2014 (Short Story)

A Year and a Day. Daily Science Fiction. July 2014 (Flash)

A City Contemplates its Existence at the End of the World. Stonecoast Lines. January 2014 (Flash)

The Ward on Christmas Eve. Website Exclusive. December 2013 (Flash)

The Machine. Daily Science Fiction. October 2013 (Flash)

The Machine and Dorothy of Oz. Art and Words Show. Juried Exhibition. Fort Worth, TX.  September 2013 (Art inspired by Sean’s written works)

Tricks. Yesteryear Fiction. July 2011 (Flash)

Aubergine Knight. Canolli Pie. June 2011 (Poem)

Because I Promised. Centripetal Vol 8. Issue 2 (Short Story)

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