Tide Child from Tangent Online

Robinson adeptly explores familial themes, as events unfurl at a leisurely, literary pace. The prose works especially well at highlighting a sympathetic father/son relationship, while always foregrounding the duo’s emotional stakes.

I Would Fly with Dragons from Goodreads

The essay ends with good wishes and forgiveness for the bully, which I find incomprehensible. I could never let a bully off the hook like that.

In Charybdis Bide (Kaleidotrope) from SFRevu

“Another perfect little story.”

Minotaur: An Analysis of the Species (Journal of Unlikely Academia) from Locus Online

“What I find most interesting here is the variety of labyrinths, especially the one in the stacks of a university library.”

Minotaur: An Analysis of the Species (Journal of Unlikely Academia) from Tamora Pierce

“A wonderful addition to the scant literature of the Minotaur!”

Scander and the Red Briar Prince (Rose Red Review Issue 13) from The Royal Academy at Osyth

“It felt like a familiar gem in an unfamiliar setting.”

Beatification of the Second Fall (Apex Magazine Issue 71) from Tangent Online

Why does an angel fall? The more important question is: why would they choose to do so? In “Beatification of the Second Fall” by Sean Robinson we are given reasons that are both difficult, and painful, to fathom.”

Madder Root and Rampion (Betwixt Issue 5) from Fairy Skeletons

“The use of second person here is perfection, and the slow but determined progression of the story is absolutely gorgeous. Robinson does a marvelous job of using a palette of words to paint a bold and lasting picture of a fantasy world steeped in mystique while building up characterization.”

The Machine (Daily Science Fiction 11/13) from Diabolical Plots

“She is the Mistress of Science and her machine is the pinnacle of her achievement. Nothing will stand in her way to complete it. She can’t be bothered by minor matters like a collapse of the environment. Nor will she let anyone stop her, not even her husband. He will help her, one way or another.”

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