The Blue Tigress Dreams

“Did you know that at Rilltide, there are six names for mold? It all depends on what the color is and where you find it.”

I am very pleased to let folks know that my short story “The Blue Tigress Dreams” is now available in the Summer 2015 issue of The Colored Lens. It is currently available for purchase through Amazon. Here. It costs $2.99, but is an awesome issue.  It will be available for free on the Colored Lens website later this year. But why wait? Spend three dollars and give it a shot!

The Blue Tigress Dreams is an epistolary between two station workers, siblings, as they deal with life after the war is over and the war machines still need taking care of. What if the war wasn’t as neatly won as everyone thought, and the weapons have all been melted to slag? The story was born at the end of a summer residency at Stonecoast. It is a retelling, you’re welcome to guess from where. It’s a little silly, and a little bit about destiny.


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