What Kinds of Awards Exist?

In writing, as with many fields, there are a number of awards that can be won. In fact, there are many, many awards. We will not create an exhaustive list. However, here are several, discussed in brief, and linked appropriately. Some have strange or specific guidelines, or other sorts of requirements which are detailed in the relevant links.

Hugo Award | Awarded by the members of WorldCon. These are the SFF Oscars equivalent. The rules attached to each Hugo Award are outlined by the by-laws of the WorldCon. The award is a rocketship with a base that changes for each WorldCon.

The World Fantasy Award | The World Fantasy Award is awarded at each World Fantasy convention to honor the best fantasy of a given year. The award is shaped as the head of HP Lovecraft

Nebula Award | Nebulas are presented by SFWA and voted on by SFWA members. They are similar in some ways to the Screen Actor’s Guild award. The award is shaped like a galaxy (or a nebula).

Campbell Award | The Campbell Award is Not a Hugo. It is, however, presented at the Hugo Award Ceremony at WorldCon. This is given to the best author (as voted by the members of WorldCon) who has only been publishing for the last two years. The award itself is very nice, but the winner is given a diadem to wear for the year. HERE is a picture of Mur Lafferty wearing the diadem.

Lambda Award | Awarded by the Lambda Literary in a number of categories for works in the field of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender stories. The award is a plaque.

Mythopoeic Award | Awarded at Mythcon for mythopoeic works in the last year. The award is a figurine of a seated Aslan from CS Lewis fame.


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