A freelancer is a professional who offers their services for a fee, but who is not a full-time-only employee of a publishing company. Many have supplementary training in the areas that they’re working in. Hiring a freelancer to help with your writing may be a beneficial course of action, based on number of factors.

First and foremost, you are spending money on your story. You need to be careful here, because NEVER EVER spend money to have someone read or publish your story. Those services are unethical and predatory. What we’re talking about here is using professionals to support your work. This may mean editing, or artwork, or formatting if you’re self-publishing your story.

When hiring a freelancer, you are entering a business agreement. Check what you’re signing (contracts, timelines, etc) for terms, for credit, etc. This is another of those places where you’re building your professional reputation, people are spending their time on you, and you’re supporting the local community.

Freelancers work in a number of areas:

  1. Art. There are a variety of folks who create artwork–covers, internal designed, etc.
  2. Editing. Editors provide a variety of support. Developmental edits, line edits
  3. Copy Editing. Copy Editors can check grammar of the story
  4. Formatting. Formatting for ePublishing can be tricky. These folks will put it all together and make sure it works
  5. Website Design. A professional website can be a central landing place for your readers.
  6. Audio. Want someone to read your work? There are voice actors who will provide narration.

As always, check websites, check people’s previous work and references. And then happy publishing!


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