Awards Eligibility 2015

Every year, most authors provide a list of works they published for easy reference. It’s usually pretty declasse to actively recruit for nominations, etc. In general, we’re disusing nominations for the World Fantasy, Nebula, and Hugo awards. I want a Hugo the way I want few things in this world, BUT! This year’s field has been stellar for short fiction. That said, please find my literary contributions to SFF:

Short Story (<7500 words)

  1. Rustsong, published by The Future Fire
    This is a piece of science fiction, maybe fantasy. It’s about the last life on Mars and is told in first person present tense. The artwork is beautiful (I didn’t have anything to do with the art).
  2. Beatification of the Second Fall, published by  Apex Magazine
    This story is a take on the Southern Gothic. It’s about a boy and his mother, who has an angel in her guest bedroom. Which she sells for folk remedies. There’s some horror, there’s some longing. It is, in my opinion, the best of my writing. It’s told in first person present tense, which is kind of fun.
  3. Scander and the Red Briar Prince, published by Rose Red Review
    This is a fairy tale told in the same world as m novel. It’s about how Scander grew up and grew into himself. It’s his first quest and how he took to the road.
  4. The Blue Tigress Dreams, published by The Colored Lens
    Folks are welcome to look this up if they’re interested. It’s a re-telling of a classic franchise, told in letters between two siblings. For a number of reasons, I have not discussed it much. I am going to be releasing it as an ebook (hopefully with audio!) in the new year.
  5. Minotaur: An Analysis of the Species, published by Unlikely StoryThis is a research essay on the minotaur. I love the quirky folks at Unlikely Story. They’re really fabulous. This story is about our monsters and our laybyrinths. Tamora Pierce called it “a wonderful addition to the scant literature of the minotaur”. And Lois Tilton didn’t hate it.

If you’d like to know how to nominate work you liked to various awards, feel free to drop me an email or look it up online. I am not eligible for the Campbell Award (Not a Hugo). Also, I don’t have any longer works available so, there’s that! I will have an additional post regarding what I thought of the field in the last year.

Should you feel as though some of my work is worth nominating, I would definitely steer folks toward “Beatification of the Second Fall” and “Minotaur”. Both were pieces that were particularly special to me and were published thrugh pro-rate markets (meaning I got paid for them).

Thank you to everyone who has read my work, followed me on twitter, talked to me via e-mail or facebook. You’re what keeps me going.


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