For Consideration (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of things that I liked that you might want to consider liking too as we enter award season! I’ll continue to use the frameworks for the Hugo Award categories for ease of understanding. These are going to be shorter, because in general, my intake of media other than books is a little slim. Here we go!


Best Related Work

Seanan McGuire’s new filk album Creature Feature. Seanan is a powerhouse of creativity. Her output is exceptional and the quality of this album knows no bounds. It’s been on repeat in my car (i know, i’m old school, there’s a 6-CD changer in my car) since I purchased it. Funny, sad, beautiful. Very related, very best. My favorite track is Last Call.

Best Graphic Story / Dramatic Presentation Long & Short Form

I’m not hip enough, unfortunately. Suggestions welcome!

Best Editor Long Form

Liz Gorinsky. She’s won before, but continues to produce beautiful, thought-provoking work through Tor. While i’ve never met her in person, i’m told she’s really the bees knees.

Best Editor Short Form

My favorite people here aren’t….? Eligible I think. But i’ll throw them here anyway, because some day. One is Mur Lafferty, the Editor in Chief for Mothership Zeta. The other is Sunil Patel, who is the Fiction Editor for Mothership Zeta. They put together some great work for their first edition. Nomination rules require four (total) anthologies or issues to be eligible. I don’t *think* that either of them qualify, but check them both out.

Best Semiprozine / Fanzine

So, the eligibility requirements here also baffle me. I’ll throw some of my favorite markets from this year.

The Future Fire. This is a great market. They’re friendly, provide ILLUSTRATIONS (zomg) custom to their work. The work they produce is really unique and interesting.

Mothership Zeta. I talked about this. I also am a slush reader, so i’m a little biased. It also doesn’t qualify, but dang it’s a fun little ‘zine.

Unlikely Story. These folks just started paying pro-rates. Their topics change per issue. They’re working on their second clown edition. They published an Unlikely Academia issue (with me in it!). But I love their work, and love what they’re doing.




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