Patreon Launch

Hello Gentle Readers,
I am very excited to share that after a lot of thought, i’ve decided to open up a Patreon. What is Patreon? It’s a monthly crowd-funding source that allows Patrons (that’s you) to sign up and offer a little bit of funding to support my creative work.
At the moment there are three support levels.
At the $5/ month level, you’l have access to a Patreon-only serialized story, which will go live every Friday. If we hit some targets, the stories will morph into a novel.
At the $10/ month level, you’ll have access to the Patreon-only serialized story, and also be able to command my services. I will write a for-you-only 1k word flash fiction story. It will be yours forever.
At the $20/ month level, you’ll have access to the Patreon-only serialized story, but you will also be invited to work with me one-on-one with your writing. We’ll spend the month tackling a specific craft issue you identify. This will include some work shopping, some reading, and collaboration.
Patreon support levels can be changed at any time (so if you want to workshop one month, but only want the story the next, that’s fine!). As this will not begin until the 1st of August (or be charged until August), folks who sign up now will recieve “Fever Dreams” a sampler of some of my favorite published short stories. At just over 14k words, this collection also includes a previously-unpublished short story “Emily of Oz” which is a personal favorite of mine.
Please consider becoming a patron, the process is very simple and every little bit helps me bring my creative work to a larger audience.
Here’s the link:

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