5×5 Anthology – “Child of Flowers”

Very happy to share that the 5×5 Anthology is now out and available for Amazon. Check out that cover! You can find it online HERE


Reading 5X5: Readers' Edition by [Allen, B. Morris, Stenhouse, Meryl, Warner, Caleb, Chan, L., North, T.R., Fogg, Vanessa, Hamilton, Paul A., Robinson, Sean,  Kemp, Juliet, Anderson, K. G., Ross, James, Goder, Beth, Thompson, Matt, J. Willis, Suzanne, Earl, Chanel, Acs, Y. X., Wiltgren, Filip, Brazos, Rhoads, Rennie, Ian, Hammond, David, Krsteski, Damien, Yates, Pauline, Dandenell, Karl, Hamilton, Paul A., Robinson, Sean R., Leibowitz, Sandi, Francis, Rob, Fedyk, Karolina]

This project was really unique to work with. 5 group of 5 writers (so 25 writers in total) created stories. Each group was assigned a genre and created stories off of a shared outline. I developed the outline for the High Fantasy group. In reading through the entire anthology, it’s amazing to see the different approaches folks took, and how they are similar and different.

My story is called “Child of Flowers”. In it, Berai Rosewarden is about to come into her own as the heir of the city of Velinar. Except, she’s not sure she’s ready to commit to that. Because power and responsibility go hand-in-hand. She’s also not sure she’s the princess everyone wants her to be.

“Child of Flowers” shares a milieu with two other stories i’ve published: “Scander and the Red Briar Prince” which came out through Red Rose Review and “Madder Root and Rampion” which came out in Betwixt. Folks who also saw my story “Cala Lily and Celadon” in the Art and Words Show would see some similarities.

In all, for $5 on Kindle, this book is worth the money. Proceeds go to charity, and there are a lot of great stories in it. Happy reading!


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